Moises Arias will forever be remembered in our hearts as the little trickster always getting revenge on Hannah Montana – but it has been quite some time since the actor starred in the iconic Disney Channel series. He is all grown up now, and his look has evolved quite drastically from when he was on the fan-fave show. We would even go as far as saying he looks like a totally different guy, if we do say so ourselves.

moises arias

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That's why you may not have noticed that the 23-year-old is actually in Pitch Perfect 3. Yep, you heard that right. Now before we go on to explain Moises' character in the movie, let us just say "spoiler alert" – even though we're not giving that much away.

So, here's where Moises comes into play. At the start of the movie-musical, Anna Kendrick's character Beca works as a music producer for a bit of a thickheaded rapper named Pimp-Lo (Moises Arias). Basically, the song is utter trash – so Beca uses her incredibly professional musical skills and backup vocals to revive the track. But when Pimp-Lo and her boss decide it's best to go with Pimp-Lo's version, she's all like "boi bye" and straight-up quits on the spot. It's a moment. And so, that's all we see from Moises in the movie. Short, but definitely sweet. And by the looks of Twitter, we weren't the only ones who are all, "Why isn't this being talked about more?!" Perhaps it's just that people aren't recognizing him, as he traded his swoopy Hannah Montana hair for dreads.

In one particular theater, everyone gasped "Rico!" when he appeared on screen in her theater. ICONIC.

So what's he been up to all these years? Since Hannah Montana, Moises has been up to a lot.
Not only has he starred in multiple movies and TV shows like The Middle and Jean-Claude Van Johnson, but he's also a photographer. And he has the most aesthetically pleasing Instagram profile to prove it. What's next for the star? Only time will tell!

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