Any High School Musical fan has most likely seen each movie more than a few times if we’re being honest here and could confidently slay when it comes to some HSM trivia. But what about one of the movie’s stars? Well, that’s what went down when Monique Coleman, Taylor McKessie herself, stopped by the J-14 offices. While IRL Monique is totally slaying being a boss, doing some truly amazing work that you can watch in the new docu-series, Gimme Mo, that airs on Discovery Life, we just had to take her back to her roots. We put her to the ultimate test about the Disney Channel movies, asking her some pretty tough questions. So how did she do? Watch our exclusive video to see Monique and our editor Emily battle it out in HSM trivia!

Perhaps the most heartwarming part of our hangout session with the 37-year-old star is that she didn’t shy away from giving us some behind-the-scenes tidbits, like which scene is her all-time favorite from the trilogy. And it’s when Chad asks Taylor to be his prom date!

“In all of the High School Musicals, that was my favorite scene to film. Because little Corbs, he was so cute,” Monique said, calling out her co-star Corbin Bleu and how sweet he was. CAN YOU HEAR US SOBBING? Once a wildcat, always a wildcat.

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