It’s finally here, you guys! After months of waiting, MONSTA X‘s brand new mini-album, FANTASIA X, finally dropped on May 26, 2020, and we cannot stop listen to it!

In honor of the new release, the guys caught up with J-14, and they spilled all the tea exclusively on the message behind the new LP. They also shared some hilarious behind-the-scenes secrets from the music video for the title track, opened up about their upcoming songs and got real about how they’re staying positive amid the coronavirus quarantine.

J-14: Tell us about FANTASIA X? What do you want your fans to take away from listening to this album?

Shownu: As we’re greeting you with a new look, I hope you like it and send us lots of support! We worked really hard on this album and we tried many new things.

Minhyuk: “MONSTA X is definitely MONSTA X.”

Kihyun: I hope you feel this album is really powerful and that you feel powerful at the same time.

Hyungwon: You can see more powerful and cool performances!

Joohoney: MONSTA X is unique! I hope you feel that we are a group that gives you a strong message.

IM: I want you to watch MONSTA X while moving forward without being bound by the past!

J-14: Is the sound different at all from your past music?

Shownu: I think it’s similar but a little different.

Minhyuk: It’s the same flow, but it feels more rhythmical!

Kihyun: It’s no different. I think it’s the peak of MONSTA X’s color.

Hyungwon: We challenged more genres and developed similar genres as well.

Joohoney: Not really. We always have the same mindset!

IM: I think it’s a little different but similar.

J-14: What is each of your favorite tracks off the new album?

Shownu: “FLOW” and “STAND UP.” I [also] like “ZONE.”

Minhyuk: I like “ZONE” the most.

Kihyun: I like “STAND UP.”

Hyungwon: I like “STAND UP.”

Joohoney: I like “STAND UP,” which I composed.

IM: “STAND UP!” Joohoney made this song.

J-14: Tell us about the title track, “FANTASIA!” What’s it about?

MONSTA X: “FANTASIA” is a song that stands out from the energetic and powerful signature of MONSTA X, as it’s competing with the title track “Follow” from our album released last year. It’s reminiscent of our fiery feast, united with the spirit and energy of breaking everything in front of us. The melody and dynamic synth sound, combined with a tight rhythm, creates an intense atmosphere.

Monsta X

J-14: Can you share the behind-the-scenes story from on set of the music video?

Shownu: The set is luxurious, and it’s my first time shooting a wire action scene. And I did a solo dance in the water. I wonder if it came out well in the video. I hope you like it!

Minhyuk: I was lying down in a place full of sand, and when I finished filming, I found that my hair was full of sand! Nevertheless, it came out very well.

Kihyun: It was a shame that the individual dance scene ended too early. And I hope you like it!

Hyungwon: The background was cool and it was even cooler with the dance!

Joohoney: I rapped with a gold chain… It was too heavy…

IM: “FANTASIA’s” choreography is so hard.

J-14: What’s next for you? Any plans to release any more music soon?

Shownu: Wouldn’t there be another good song if we waited?

Minhyuk: It’s still undecided, but I want to do another English album!

Kihyun: It’s a secret. Please wait!

Hyungwon: I can’t wait to meet MONBEBE and keep trying new things.

Joohoney: Personally, I’m working on my mixtape. You can look forward to it.

IM: I’m always working on it, and I’m working on MONSTA X’s album, but I’m also working on my album.

J-14: What is your writing process like?

Shownu: I think it’s going to be fun and difficult. I’m so proud to see how the members work on the process.

Hyungwon: First of all, we decide on the concept of the song and add melodies and lyrics to it. I’ve been working hard recently, too!

Joohoney: It seems very spontaneous and instinctive. Also, I have two songs that I wrote myself in this album. I hope our fans like it!

IM: The pain of creation is…I’m investing a lot of time and putting a lot of thoughts into it, and I’m thankful that our fans like it enough to forget about it.

Monsta X

J-14: Who is your dream collaboration?

Shownu: I would like to do a collaboration with Kendrick Lamar and The Weeknd.

Minhyuk: I want to do it with Christopher.

Kihyun: I want to collaborate with Etham.

Hyungwon: I would like to collaborate with Billie Eilish.

Joohoney: I would like to do a collaboration with Future and G-Eazy.

IM: I would like to collaborate with Trevor Daniel.

J-14: How are you guys staying busy during the quarantine?

Shownu: I practice and exercise a lot to prepare for my comeback.

Minhyuk: I’ve been hosting SBS Inkigayo and practicing singing steadily.

Kihyun: I was working out and working hard on creating contents for Monbebe.

Hyungwon: These days, along with preparing for my comeback, I’m preparing to compose songs and write lyrics.

Joohoney: These days, I’ve been focusing on exercising and making music.

IM: I’ve been working out these days.

J-14: Any tips for fans who are feeling low during this time?

Shownu: I think it would be nice if we could communicate more often.

Minhyuk: While waiting around, think about one’s loved ones, which means think of MONSTA X!

Kihyun: Stay healthy! Work out and take care of your immune system!

Hyungwon: First of all, I hope you all stay healthy, and I think it’s good to watch a lot of our contents.

Joohoney: There can be some kind of situation you may face. Don’t think it’s too hard and exhausting. Try to just let it be! It’ll all pass! Let’s all stay well! Everybody!

IM: Let’s all work out. I think health is the most important thing!

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