With Thanksgiving weekend approaching us, we have a lot to plan for. There are desserts to be baked, decorations to be hung, dishes to be prepared, tests to be studied for (major ugh) – but most importantly, there are countless movies to be binged. Yep, that's more like it.

Let's be real. Over Thanksgiving weekend, there are tons of people to see and activities to be done. But come on, let's all stop lying to ourselves. Can we all just come to an agreement that all we should really expect of ourselves is some serous Netflix watching over the long weekend? Now although we totally support premature Christmas movie viewings, some of us like to save the festive films for December. That's why we're giving you some other binge-worthy movie options for Thanksgiving weekend. Disney Channel ones, of course.

From total classics like High School Musical to hidden gems like Cow Belles, there are plenty of Disney Channel Original Movies on Netflix. Not for long though. Eventually Disney is going to stop streaming their movies on the platform, as it will be launching its own movie service in the coming years. We've got a while though – but let us not sleep on these DCOM classics while we have them, you guys. So sit down, snuggle up and make yourself a plate of Thanksgiving leftovers – because we're about to be soaring and flying through these fan fave Disney movies all weekend.

Now, here are our picks…

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