Valentine's Day is right around the corner and Zach Clayton is ready for it!

Zach recently revealed that he would love to kiss Ariana Grande under the mistletoe but judging by his new antics, there might be someone else who is currently stealing his heart!

The star was seen cuddling with another star in the Internet world, Daniella Perkins! Just by looking at the photos, it seems like they were grabbing a bite to eat with some friends. Of course, Daniella and Zach sat on the same side of the booth and were even caught cuddling and snuggling during the day date!

zach 1

zach 2

zach 3

Zach and his longtime girlfriend, Baby Ariel, broke up back in July and it was super sad. They both sent out a heartbreaking message to their fans about what really went down.

Baby Ariel wrote, "We wanted to let all of you know that Zach and I love each other so much, but it's gotten too hard for us to be together with all the distance between us, our hectic schedules, and preparing for our tours, so we have decided its best to just be friends?."

"We care about each other so much and will still be the same best of friends we have always been! We don't want you guys to be sad because we feel closer than ever and want you to feel that way towards us too☺️ thank you for supporting us, it was tough to do this but we will forever cherish the moments we spent together! Love you guys❤️."

There's been no word since then on the status of their friendship, but it seems like Zach is in a super happy place and that's all that matters. Not only that but a lot of his fans already ship this new relationship with Daniella.

One fan tweeted:

They are REALLY cute! Here's to hoping Zach shares some adorable photos on his own Instagram page. As of now right now it looks like he's just keeping everything on the down-low until both of them are super comfortable with the situation. There isn't anything wrong with that!

Do you ship Zach and Daniella? Let us know in the comments below!

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