Cringing Forever: Nash Grier Looks Back On His "Horrific" Old Vine and YouTube Videos


Nash Grier has come a long way since he first broke out as a web star, posting videos on Vine, Youtube and basically all over social media. Nash was a face everyone knew and while at times he may have had some controversial moments that raised eyebrows along the way, he developed a strong and loyal fanbase who have followed him into the next phase of her career where he's taken on acting, mastered the art of creating some truly impressive videos and simply grown up.

Nash decided to take a little trip down memory lane and look back on some of his earlier Vines and vids in the latest installment on his YouTube channel and as you can imagine, Nash was non-stop cringing and laughing at himself.

"Who is that kid? The beginning of my Vine account is absolute horror," Nash said. He relived tons of videos featuring his siblings, Will, Hayes and the oh so adorable Skylynn, and some from his MagCon days with Cameron Dallas, Shawn Mendes, Aaron Carpenter and Jack Johnson to name a few cameos. He couldn't get over how young everyone looked, but Nash admits he loved the collab videos and looking back on all of these, he realized just how much this time in his life meant to him.

"I think I truly learned how to be myself in the making of these videos, they really got me out of my comfort zone," Nash said. "I love the random collabs part of traveling and being an [influencer] as a younger person put me in rooms with a lot of those and it was always an amazing experience meeting people you wouldn't otherwise meet."

Aww, so Nash really does love where it all began for him. Although the OG MagCon crew doesn't really hang out all the time anymore like they used to, there seem to be fond memories they all have together that will last a lifetime. Oh, and did we mention Nash actually feels bad for Shawn for one of the Vines they made? In the clip, Shawn is singing his now-friend Justin Bieber's "As Long As You Love Me," and he gets hit in the head by a ball.

"That was mean, we did him dirty. I don't like that," Nash immediately reacted when he watched the video. All these years later, he's apologizing to Shawn for that idea they all had. Better late than never, right?


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