Winter Break Plans: Here's What's Coming & Leaving Netflix Just in Time for December


It's the best time of the year, where we all get to overeat, drink too much eggnog, and figure the best thing to do to waste time is stream as many Netflix TV shows and movies as possible to survive the winter. With the month of November quickly coming to an end, the video streaming service is making sure we all know what's up for the month of December, dropping the titles that will be coming and going during the final month of the year.

Since we've got a feeling you're going to be spending lots of time binge-watching — especially around the holidays when you're forced to spend "family time" with the people who can get on your nerves the most — we figured it's important for you to plan ahead for all that's going on with Netflix, December 2017.

As Netflix always gives us, in addition to the added TV shows and movies in December, we also get the ones that will be vanishing into thin air, so make sure to watch those before they're gone. It's unfortunate, too, because there are some good ones being removed. Anyway, without further ado, here are the Netflix December releases, which, presumably, will have you sitting on your couch in sweatpants, scarfing down popcorn all month long. Consider this an early holiday gift from us.

Available December 1

Available December 4

Available December 5

Available December 6

Available December 8

Available December 11

Available December 12

Available December 14

Available December 15

Available December 18

Available December 19

Available December 20

Available December 21

Available December 22

Available December 23

Available December 25

Available December 26

Available December 27

Available December 29

Available December 31

Sadly, some of our favorite TV shows and movies can't last on Netflix forever! These are the ones that will no longer be available on Netflix, December. Before they're replaced, it'd be wise to binge-watch them during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend — because there's no better way to eat leftover turkey.

Leaving December 1

Leaving December 5

Leaving December 9

Leaving December 10

Leaving December 11

Leaving December 13

Leaving December 15

Leaving December 19

Leaving December 20

Leaving December 24

Leaving December 25

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