As summer comes to an end and the colder weather starts to move in, Netflix is getting ready to release so much original content.

Victoria Justice, for one, has a new movie premiering in September 2021. Titled Afterlife of the Party, the upcoming flick stars the former Nickelodeon star as a party girl named Cassie. After an accident that occurs following her birthday party, Cassie dies and is visited by an angel to gives her the to opportunity to mend her relationships via the afterlife.

“I think it’s refreshing that it’s a movie that’s not just about like getting the guy you like,” Victoria told Bustle during an August 2021 interview. “Cassie’s [not] coming back down to Earth to find the love of her life or mend whatever with her ex-boyfriend or something.”

One of the major relationships Cassie is meant to mend is the one between her and her best friend, Lisa (played by Midori Francis).

“I think it’s important for young women to see female friendships being portrayed in a way where women are not just sitting around talking about men,” the Victorious alum added. “Female friendships are so deep and complex and fulfilling in so many other ways.”

Victoria added, “At the end of the day, I feel like it’s a story that reminds you to not take life for granted and that life is precious, and that we have to be kind and take care of the people that we love. Because you never know when it’s all going to be over.”

Vanessa Hudgens also has multiple movies headed to the streaming service. Aside from starring in  My Little Pony: A New Generation and tick, tick…BOOM!, the former Disney Channel star will reprise her roles as Stacy De Novo — a baker from Chicago — and Duchess Margaret of Montenaro in the highly anticipated The Princess Switch 3.

“And that’s a wrap on Princess Switch 3. What a whirlwind. Man, everyone worked their asses off. AND stayed safe,” Vanessa shared via Instagram in March 2021. “BIG thanks to @netflix for taking the extra precautions to keep us on track and bring that new new to your screens.”

The first flick in the Christmas movie franchise premiered in November 2018, with the second hitting the streaming service two years later. This time around, the High School Musical alum played three characters, adding Lady Fiona to the mix. For the third movie, Vanessa made it clear that she won’t be playing a fourth.

“I’m just gonna crush that rumor now, that is not happening, no one get their hopes up for that,” the actress joked with Entertainment Tonight in November 2020. “Three is my limit. It is all that my mental capacity can handle.”

Scroll through our gallery for a list of all Netflix’s fall 2021 movie releases. 

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