What To Watch: Here's What's Coming & Leaving Netflix in February 2018

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We don't need to tell you that it's the best time of year, when wasting time watching as many Netflix TV shows and movies is actually encouraged since, you know, it's been insanely cold outside. As the first month of the New Year is (surprisingly) coming to and end and we venture into everybody's least favorite month, February, Netflix is making sure we all know what's up. If you're anything like us, there's a good chance you've been binge-watching a ton lately — especially as the weather gets colder and a night out on the town seems less (and less) appealing. That's why we figured it's important for you to plan ahead for all that's going on with Netflix, February 2018.

As Netflix does every month, in addition to the added TV shows and movies in February, we also have the list of titles that will be leaving us as the New Year continues, so you better watch before they disappear, guys! Without further adieu, below are the Netflix February releases and deletions.

Available February 1

Available February 2

Available February 6

Available February 7

Available February 8

Available February 9

Available February 14

Available February 15

Available February 16

Available February 17

Available February 18

Available February 19

Available February 20

Available February 21

Available February 22

Available February 23

Available February 24

Available February 26

Available February 27

As you've already gathered from the list above, Netflix is going all out this winter season! They know what viewers want — and it's to stay indoors and avoid human interaction as much as possible! Forget FOMO, y'all. 'Tis the season to hibernate, and hibernate we shall! That being said, as happy as we are to embrace all these new titles, we can't help but be sad over everything that's leaving, sigh. Make sure to watch some of these titles before they're gone — forever!

Leaving February 1

Leaving February 2

Leaving February 3

Leaving February 5

Leaving February 10

Leaving February 11

Leaving February 12

Leaving February 14

Leaving February 15

Leaving February 16

Leaving February 17

Leaving February 19

Leaving February 20

Leaving February 21

Leaving February 24

Leaving February 28

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