Model besties! Alexa & Katie showed viewers the importance of female friendships while it aired on Netflix for three seasons.

Starring Paris Berelc, Isabel May, Emery Kelly, Finn Carr, Tiffani Thiessen and Jack Griffo, among others, the show followed the story of title best friends — Alexa and Katie — as they survive high school with the help of each other. Throughout the first season, which premiered in March 2018, the girls are getting through their freshman year when Alexa gets diagnosed with cancer and starts to undergo treatments. As Alexa starts to lose her hair, Katie decides to shave her head alongside her best friend.

“We went online and tried to get all the information that we could on the cancer that Alexa does have and how to handle it,” Paris told Just Jared Jrin April 2018 about preparing for the role. “We met with a girl, who was actually named Katie, to hear her story/ She was my same age, but still went to high school and has a boyfriend, and went to prom. Learning from her experience definitely helped me and the whole cast out in how to approach the story.”

When the show premiered its second season, the girls find out that Alexa is cancer-free and they pick up their high school experience during sophomore year. Continuing the pattern, the show’s final season was split into two parts — one showcasing their junior year and another portraying their senior year. When the show came to an end in June 2020, Alexa and Katie went their separate ways for college and learned to live a life without each other.

“I am secretly hoping that we do one more thing together,” Paris told Entertainment Tonight in June 2020. “I would love to do one more movie, then really say goodbye and be over with. I had a very hard time saying goodbye, we are a big family.”


The actress continued, “But I do hope that we do something in the future. I’m hoping for it. I don’t know, but I’m hoping, I’m putting it out into the universe that we work together one more time.”

Of course, no reunion has been confirmed, but the cast is still holding out hope.

“We work so well together. Isabel was an amazing Katie, she is an amazing Katie and she’s an amazing person too. I learned so much from her,” Paris also told ET at the time. “Everyone was just so open and it was just such a safe place to work and just be free and creative.”

Since the show came to an end, the cast has all moved on and continued to have successful careers. Scroll through our gallery to see what the Alexa & Katie stars are up to now. 

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