Who’s it going to be? Even the Never Have I Ever stars are torn when it comes to being on Team Paxton or Team Ben!

“I feel like for Aneesa’s sake, I almost have to say Team Paxton just so that Devi (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan) stays with him,” Netflix newcomer Megan Suri tells J-14 exclusively. The 22-year-old actress made her Never Have I Ever debut during season 2 as new student Aneesa, who finds herself in the middle of Devi’s love triangle after starting a fling with Ben (Jaren Lewison).

“Honestly, I’ve gotta go with Team Paxton in season 2,” the actress adds. “Not because of Paxton but because of the simple fact that Davi chose herself and Paxton came along. It wasn’t like the season 1 Devi where she was chasing after Paxton, hoping he’d give her the time of day. So, Team Paxton for that reason.”

Before she was cast in the show’s second season, Megan was “totally” a huge fan of the series. So, when she stepped onto set for the first time, the Atypical star was “nervous” but assures J-14 that all her costars were “super welcoming and kind.”

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“I would say it was strange for the simple reason that we were filming during COVID. So I didn’t really get to bond with my castmates the way that I probably normally would have done on a different set,” Megan explained. “But aside from that, [the cast was] so welcoming and so kind. Prior to me, even stepping on the set, they all reached out to me by DM on Instagram and were just like, ‘Hey, welcome. We’re excited to have you. We’ve got your back.’ It was really cool.”

Megan recalled Jaren being the first cast member to reach out and send his cell phone number. ‘He was like, ‘Hey, I know it can be a little anxiety-inducing being the new girl, but I just want you to know that we’ve got your back,'” she gushed. “The sweetest guy ever.”

While all of Megan’s memories from the set were positive, she also had a few pretty embarrassing moments when the cameras weren’t rolling.

“I feel like, at this point, I’m just like a walking embarrassment,” the actress joked, launching into a story about how she and Lee Rodriguez — who plays Fabiola — were had “uncontrollable” laughter after “silently farting” in the middle of a scene. “Luckily, she bonded over it with me.”

Never Have I Ever season 2 is now streaming on Netflix. 

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