Bella Swan and Edward Cullen were perhaps one of the most loved couples of the past decade.

The actors who portrayed them in the Twilight Saga, Kristen Stewart and Edward Cullen respectively, even fell in love giving fans even more to rave about. When the series ended and their relationship went down in flames, followers of the franchise gave up hope that they would ever hear about their favorite vampire family ever again. When K. Stew spoke about her interest in more movies recently, it gave them a whole new glimpse of hope.

In an interview, she said she would be the first to read a new book if the author were to write one, leaving fans wondering what might happen to the Cullen family if the story was revisited.

Here at J-14, we've compiled a list of possible scenarios for Stephanie Meyer to use if she ever feels up for writing another book, and they are for sure some plots we would love to see play out on the big screen.

Click through the gallery to see 9 things that could happen in a new 'Twilight' movie and tell us which one you'd love to see the most!

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