Nia Sioux has teamed up with Lela B for an epic new Christmas song, and there’s a super important message behind it that they want their fans to know. In the music video for the new song, which adds it’s own spin to the classics “Frosty The Snowman” and “Jingle Bells,” the girls visit some local organizations to do charity work, and it couldn’t be sweeter. The song is all about giving back during the holiday season, and Nia is opening up exclusively to J-14 about what it truly means to her.

“Lela and I went around our community volunteering over the course of a few days, and it was so eye-opening,” the Dance Moms star explains. “We worked with a food bank and collected 105 pounds of food! We also donated to Best Friends Animal Society, which was so moving. We wanted to show people how easy and fulfilling it can be to give back. Knowing you helped those in need is such a rewarding experience and really gave me a different outlook on the holidays and what they should truly stand for.”

In the video, which premiered today, Dec. 5, the girls are seen delivering cookies to the elderly and taking care of animals at a shelter. Nia continued to emphasize that Christmas time should be about giving, not receiving, and we’re absolutely loving this idea.

“There are so many things to be thankful for, and the holidays should be about spreading kindness and love,” she says. “Lela and I want our listeners to find organizations and people in their community that they can help or give to during this holiday season. Spreading the holiday spirit through random acts of care and kindness should be done more frequently, and we are hoping this songs teaches a lesson.”

But besides spending her holidays giving back, the 17-year-old reveals that she’ll also be spending a lot of time with her family (and her dogs — of course!) this Christmas. As for her favorite holiday tradition, Nia explains that she loves to bake with her relatives.

“I love making cookies with my aunt every year — it’s our tradition!” she gushes. “We put on holiday music and bake lots of treats and really embrace spending time with family during the holiday. And who doesn’t love treats?”

That sounds like so much fun! And what is she looking forward to most in the New Year? Becoming an adult!

“In the New Year, I am really looking forward to putting myself first and progressing in my career. I turn 18 in 2019 which is a huge birthday, so I am ready for all the independence and responsibilities that come with that,” she explains. “I am also looking to get more involved with charity organizations, especially those that help animals and help kids who are suffering from bullying.”

She also adds that we can definitely expect some more bops from her in 2019: “I definitely will be making more music. I want to really focus on my acting and singing career and developing both of those things in 2019. So yes, more to come!”

Nia is definitely inspiring us all to give back this holiday season.

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