Beg to Differ: Niall Horan Says He's Not Very Romantic But Remember the Date He Took Us All On?


Niall Horan casually dropped some game-changing news on us all when he confirmed that he was in a relationship that ended up inspiring most of the tunes on his debut solo album, Flicker. Now, we don't know who this lucky girl is (and seriously we would like to know her identity just for the fact that we want to give her a high-five and welcome her into the fandom) but Niall did provide a tiny sliver of insight into his dating life he keeps oh so private while he was on 60 Minutes Australia. He doesn't really consider himself a romantic guy. Like at all.

"Ehh, I wouldn't say I was like Romeo but somewhere in the middle there. I'm not really selling myself really well here, am I?" Niall said when he asked if he's romantic before turning to the camera to try out is best, smooth "I am Romeo" impression.

PRECIOUS NIALL. He did make it clear that date night with him will not consist of drinks and soccer since "that's just silly," but he joked he would be down to take a girl for a game of golf. He was also asked his thoughts on being labeled as "approachably handsome."

"Approachably handsome? I don't know what that means. I'll take approachable. I'll take handsome too, I'll take that wherever I can get it if I'm being honest!" Niall said. OK, Niall sweetie, we need to chat for a second. There's plenty of people who think you're v handsome and would be totally swept off their feet with his level of romance. Remember when he took us all out on a date that one time, courtesy of One Direction's "Night Changes" music video?

He brought us hot cocoa while wearing a cozy sweater that gave him grandpa vibes in the cutest way possible:

Gave an adorable wink:

Serenaded us all:

Even brought along an equally adorable dog:

Thought something we said was cute and slayed us all with this compliment:

And if we ignore that part where the sleeve of his sweater catches on fire, this video showed us what a romantic night hanging out with the "This Town" singer is like: A REALLY GREAT TIME. So if you happen to ever find yourself in the currently very single Niall's presence, ready to put the moves on to see if you have a chance? Well, he did tell Billboard he knows he has a type of ideal girl in mind.

"I think I got a type, anyway. Dark hair, dark eyes. Someone I can see as a friend. At the moment, I’m enjoying being 23. I only get one go at me 20s. I'd like to give it me best go," he said.

The now 24-year-old is usually pretty quiet on the state of his love life, but he did share during 60 Minutes that he was rather girl crazy when he was younger back in his hometown of Mullingar, Ireland when exchange students would come and stay.

"Summers were spent kicking the football around until the sun went down at 10:00 and the most excitement we got was when the Spanish exchange students came over for six weeks in the summer. Obviously, [with all] the Spanish girls, you're like 15 you're like, 'Woah,'" he said. Wonder if any of those girls he met and flirted with when he was teenager see him now! Fun fact Niall once shared was that his first ever kiss was with an exchange student from France who was staying with one of his friends.

"I was about 11 or 12 and it was my best friend's French foreign exchange student. I don't really remember it, but I know I was really nervous," he said. So it seems like Niall finds it interesting when a girl who catches his eye is from somewhere totally different from where he's from. But regardless, Niall is clearly not giving himself enough credit when it comes to owning the fact that anyone would literally die at the chance to snag a date with him. He's a pretty good catch after all.


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