So if you had the chance to ask Niall Horan out on a date, you totally would, right? There is a 50/50 chance he could say yes, so might as well go for it! Well, that’s what one fan seemingly did on Instagram and it looks like the “Slow Hands” singer just wasn’t into it. Or so we all thought.

Here’s what went down: a fan of Niall’s named Tory met the cutie at one of his tour meet and greets and their pic together is seriously cute. She posted it on her Instagram story, along with a poll asking her followers, “Should we date?” 84% of voters said yes, and 16% said no, which like how rude of people to vote no, but that’s beside the point here. She also posted a pic of the results that apparently prove Niall himself voted no. Womp. Total bummer.

Now we all know Niall to be a total sweetheart, especially when it comes to his fans so naturally we thought, our bb Nialler wouldn’t do that. And we were right! As Tory explained to Punkee, the Niall response was totally fake and just something she whipped up on Photoshop as a joke.

“So, Niall didn’t actually vote. I photoshopped the photo to make it look like he voted, because I thought the concept of him voting no on a poll for a girl he doesn’t remember/met once was way too funny not to make,” Tory said. “I would be rolling with laughter if he was actually that brutally honest and voted no. I always make silly Photoshop things for my friends, so I made this in order to make them laugh.”

OK, girl did a pretty great job making this look legit if we say so ourselves! And we’re sure if Niall actually did see this and vote, he would say yes because he’s just a gem like that. He is rumored to be dating Hailee Steinfeld though, so Tory might have to watch out there. She went on to explain that she never expected the tweet to go viral in the slightest.

“I had no idea it would get this big. Again, I figured my friends would like it and the tweet would get 70 likes if I was lucky. I still can’t believe how many people have seen and commented on it, none of the situation feels real,” she said.

Enjoy it, girl! Oh and for Niall? She said he was wonderful and smelled good, so exactly how we expected him to be. A true prince that Niall is. Now we really wonder what he would say if he did vote in this poll though…

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