Ever since One Direction went on a hiatus we’ve all been wondering if Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, and even Zayn Malik still hang out. And don’t worry guys, Niall just confirmed that they do, in fact, still see each other!

While speaking on George Ezra’s podcast, Niall explained that he actually hangs out with Louis all the time, despite their busy schedules. And not only does he see his fellow bandmate quite often, but Niall spends a lot of time Louis’ two-year-old son, Freddie, too.

“Everyone is busy. I’ll see Louis this week, now that I’m here. He lives not too far away from me in LA,” the singer explained. “When we’re over there, his kid’s over there as well, so that’s cool.”

Imagining Niall and Louis hanging out with little Freddie may actually be the cutest image possible. As J-14 readers know, Louis also recently reunited with Liam, when the “Strip That Down” singer stopped by the X Factor for a performance where Louis is currently a judge. But there’s one former member they for sure won’t be hanging out with, and that’s Zayn since he recently revealed to British Vogue that he left the band with zero friends. Niall also explained during the podcast that he’s always felt the closest to the “Back To You” singer.

“I would say personality wise, I would say me and Louis were closer,” he said. “You get on with different people for different reasons. It’s just like a family, ya know? But yeah I’d say Louis.”


Ugh, our hearts! Niall, who just finished up his Flicker World Tour and is currently working on his second solo studio album, also opened up about his plans for the new LP. The 25-year-old revealed that he wants to channel the “funky sexiness” of his hit single “Slow Hands.”

“That’s what I’ll aim for next time, not so much electric but that bit of dirt; yeah, dirt is the word,” Niall said. And who is his musical inspiration for this album?

“Coldplay have done so well over the years, moving with the times and kept originality,” he continued. “They’ve got a least two off every album where you go, ‘Woah, banger.'”

We could not be more excited for Niall’s next album. And since he hangs out with Louis all the time, maybe we can hope for a collab between the two! A girl can dream, right?

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