According to Niall Horan, no, he does not have a hickey. Yep, after the One Direction member posted a selfie to his Instagram Stories and fans noticed what appeared to be a red spot on his neck, he decided to shut down rumors once and for all that it was a hickey.

“Niall hasn’t got a hickey, Niall has a spot on his neck like any other normal human,” he fired back on Twitter, after a fan posted about the mark.

“Tell them to stop coming at me [because] they know I’ll win,” he added in another tweet.

And when a fan told the singer that they understood why he doesn’t come on Twitter anymore because of all the negative comments, he responded with, “Exactly. It’s unbelievable on here.”

As fans know, Niall’s comments come just weeks after rumors hit the web that he had a new girlfriend. For those who missed it, fans went into a frenzy on July 4, 2020, when they noticed the “Slow Hands” crooner and a mysterious brunette cozying up in some of his friends Instagram Stories. He attended a Fourth of July party, and the girl was by his side the entire time.

So who is she? Well, according to Daily Mail, her name is Amelia Woolley, and she is a shoe buyer who works for the company Nicholas Kirkwood as a commercial assistant. And get this — according to the outlet, they’ve been together for two months already.

“Niall is very serious about Amelia, lockdown has definitely intensified his feelings for her,” a source told the outlet. “He thinks Amelia’s gorgeous but they also really get on – and she’s told close friends this could be the real deal. Amelia has spent a lot of time getting to know Niall at his London apartment after lockdown restrictions eased.”

Niall Amelia

Amelia even shared a snap with Niall to her Snapchat on July 5, 2020, and boy, did they look cute together! We can’t wait to see where this relationship goes!

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