Aww, poor Niall Horan! The singer took to his Instagram Stories to let fans know he has suffered an injury. And it’s in a rather inconvient spot, since the 25-year-old is known for you know, playing the guitar. He shared a snap of his finger covered in a bandage, and you can see there’s blood on the gauze. Ouch!

“I call this ‘car door smash,” Niall wrote over the image.

niall horan injury
Instagram Stories

So now, let’s get into the backstory. He accidentally smashed her finger on a car door – and if that’s ever happened to you before, you know how painful it can be. Niall is in the midst of his Flicker World Tour, where he not only strums on his guitar, but he also plays the piano. Hopefully this injury doesn’t stop him from being able to play! His good bud Shawn Mendes recently took a pretty nasty fall off a scooter. In an attempt to make sure his hands and wrists didn’t get damaged, he legit hit the ground with his face. 

“I was just going a little bit slow and I turned around and something happened. And I said, ‘I dont want to break a wrist so I put my face into the ground. But it’s OK because I can still play guitar and still sing and that’s what matters,” Shawn explained to E! News about the incident.

While we would never want anything to happen to Shawn or Niall’s beautiful faces, it looks like Niall’s finger injury isn’t too bad. Most likely, he’s in some pain. But it doesn’t seem extreme enough to stop him from playing music – phew! Plus, Niall is a true champ. He’s been vocal with fans about the struggles he’s had with his knee over the years and the intense surgery he endured to help correct it. So we know he’ll be fine, no matter what.

But naturally, as soon as we saw this pic, our minds went immediately to the “Oh no, Niall” golf incident.

Never forget. Ever.

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