It's no secret that Niall Horan and Justin Bieber are buddies, but music collaborators isn't something we've seen from them. Of course, it would be THE DREAM. Can you imagine Niall and Justin's sweet precious angel voices on the same song? No. But, just because I can't imagine it doesn't mean it's not possible. Now that Nialler has officially made a name for himself as a solo artist, he's able to put himself out there and agree to collaborate with other artists since he doesn't have to check in with three or four other guys about it. And that's exactly what happened.

Justin took to social media to express his concern for the California wildfires that are destroying thousands of acres of homes. He said, "I’m going to have a conversation with some people and we are going to get moving on a solution. Obviously I’m not a fireman but I can use my resources to figure out ways to get some sort of restoration in certain communities and fundraisers or whatever we can do. I’m going to get on that and in the meantime, all the families and all the people who are struggling, just know that everything is going to be OK."

While the situation is tragic, something good might be coming from it if Justin sets his mind to it. Niall commented on the video and said, "Good man. Give me a shout if you need a hand." He also chatted with The Mirror and explained, "We both live in LA and that’s not too far from my house really where all those fires are kicking off, it’s absolutely horrific. Three to four hundred homes destroyed and people’s lives in tatters, so I thought about it when Justin reached out and sent that video."

Niall was asked if he would be down to do something like a fundraising single and said, "Of course if something is going on like that it’s a no brainier, if he needs a hand with something I’d love to give him a hand."

It's important to understand that nothing has been confirmed so don't be out there looking for a single between the pair right away. But, never say never because Niall seemed totally into doing anything he could to help. Whether there will be an event to raise money or a single, there's probably going to be something going on where we can at least look forward to seeing the Biebs and Niall in the same space. Something musical would just be even sweeter!

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