Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson are best buds and they have been for years now thanks to One Direction. But, how close really are they? Well, in a recent interview, Niall was asked which one of the 1D guys would bail him out of jail if the situation ever arose. Knowing Niall, it won't, but still, a guy has to think about these things just in case, right?! Right. Niall said Louis would be the one and we kind of saw that coming. These two were super close in the band and they still are together.

I mean, remember when Louis spilled the beans that he and Niall felt super out of place at one of their first MTV Video Music Awards as a group? They were stuffing their faces with hot dogs in front of Rihanna as rookies in the biz. Yeah, that'll really bring you closer together.

But, that's not all. Niall has said in the past that he and Louis played their solo music for each other before the public heard it and they even ran around in a charity soccer game together. They have a lot of the same things in common which makes for a strong friendship even after the one thing (ahem, One Direction) that brought them together broke apart.

Answering the question, Niall laughed and said, "Louis would come and get me one hundred percent. The others boys would be too busy." But, in a turn of events, he changed his response a bit. Niall continued, "He'd have to get from England if I was arrested here [in Ireland]. It probably would take him ages. He'd probably send me an Uber actually, with cash in an envelope."

LOL! First of all, what makes Niall think he would definitely be in Ireland while committing a crime? Maybe it's a place where he knows he can get into some trouble with it being his homeland and everything. However, another thing to note is this Uber and money envelope situation. That's some pretty dark stuff – sneaky stuff, if you will. Did Niall just give us a glimpse of Louis' personality we didn't know about?

Regardless, Louis is Niall's get out of jail free card, apparently. Again, we don't know why Louis wouldn't be one of the 'busy ones' since he does have a budding solo career AND a baby. But, alas, Niall chose him. So, keep on the look out. If Niall ever finds himself behind bars, Louis will hopefully be right behind him waiting to bail him out, or an Uber will. #Friends4Ever

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