If there’s a Dunkirk sequel, Niall Horan won’t be in it.

The Irish heartthrob won’t actually be in any films because he’s not into the whole acting thing! Niall recently talked about whether or not Harry Styles had inspired him to get into the movie and television business. Fans wouldn’t have been shocked if that was the route he was thinking of exploring, either. When One Direction went on a hiatus there was no telling what the boys would do next. Now, they all have their solo music and things are looking up.

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But, before the new interview, there was still a question about whether or not Niall would dip his toes into the acting pool. He chatted with The Sun and said, “I don’t think I have the patience for it. There’s a lot of waiting around. With music, you’re doing it yourself and you feel like you’re more in control. I’m a bit of a perfectionist as well – and I feel like I’m alright at this music thing, so I might stick to it.”

LOL…of course, he’s more than alright.

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Niall has admitted recently, however, that he wasn’t sure if he was cut out for solo stardom. He said he would have waited for the band’s hiatus, that he would have wanted to continue what they were doing for a few more years. After the official break, he went into hiding and traveled the world in a very non-luxurious way which was so not 1D of him.

Now, being back in the spotlight he said he kind of wishes he could move to Australia and live there forever. Wait…so no movies or music?! Well, we think he was kidding this time. We hope he was kidding.

Niall spilled his thought process to Channel Seven’s Sunrise and said, “I’m just obsessed with this country [Australia]. Anyone want to give up their job? I’m trying to find an excuse to move down here.”

No movies, no music, just Aussie life. This better not be true.

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