It’s no secret that Niall Horan has always had problems with his knees. Ever since he started out in One Direction, the Irish crooner has been super public about the issue and now it has gotten even worse. Niall took to social media to explain how he feels and it’s not good. We don’t blame the guy, to be honest. Who wants to have knee problems at the tender age of 23?! Not only did the “Slow Hands” singer explain what has really been going on with his health but he also posted a photo that has our hearts breaking.

Unfortunately, because this has been such a huge part of Niall’s life, we’ve decided to compile a timeline of Niall’s knee dilemmas. Oh yeah, and we’ve included the crazy photo of his hurting leg after a game of soccer that needed some serious attention.

Watch the video and check out exactly what Niall said and did for his most recent knee injury.

Aww, poor babe! Hopefully, Nialler heals up quickly. He’s got eager fans waiting to hear him perform his Flicker Sessions. Seriously, this is not the time for anything to go wrong in his life.