Just call him Prince Charming! Nicholas Galitzine starred alongside Camila Cabello in the live-action Cinderella movie and Sofia Carson in the Netflix movie Purple Hearts. 

“I’ve always aspired to be the quintessential gentleman,” the actor told Vogue in December 2020, while discussing his Cinderella role. “This version of Prince Charming is very much a fusion of both those things. He’s not your typical clean-cut, linear fairytale prince, there’s definitely an edge to him and there are things about him that make him more human than your typical fairytale prince.”

In December 2019, it was announced that the British star would be filling Prince Charming’s shoes. Aside from Camila, he stars alongside Maddie Baillio, Billy Porter, Idina Mendel and more in the new musical movie. A fresh take on the traditional princess story, this version of Cinderella “incorporates pop songs from contemporary artists and original songs,” per Deadline. “Cinderella is an ambitious young woman whose dreams are bigger than the world will allow,” the publication also shared. “With the help of her Fab G she musters the courage to make her dreams come true.”

During the same interview with Vogue, Nicholas teased that fans will “be drawn in by the familiarity” of the story and “ultimately surprised by our interpretation of it.”

“I think you always feel a certain level of nervousness when you’re taking on a character that is so well known and so iconic,” he added. “I felt very comfortable in the fact that we were making something bold and new, and with the team that was assembled around me, I was just so supported going through the process.”


As for working alongside the “Havana” songstress, Nicholas joked the he felt “untalented” when they had to sing together. “I just feel so blessed to be on these tracks with these incredible singers, and regardless of what happens in life, no one can take that away from me now,” the Chambers alum added.

Other than acting, Nicholas has big musical dreams in his future.

“I’m going to be releasing some of my own music in the new year, which is super exciting because I’ve never really had time to pursue that, as acting has taken precedence,” he told Vogue. “My goal is to continue working with passionate, driven, artists who are willing to think out of the box, and to keep challenging myself as an artist and a creative.”

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