Will there be a Jonas Brothers reunion? That is the question. The answer? Sort of!

Nick Jonas turned up his swag as he walked the white carpet for the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards and he spilled some major secrets about his relationship with brother Joe Jonas! He didn't reveal any personal details but more about their professional relationship and fans are seriously freaking out over it.

Nick confessed that he would be open to working and making music with Joe again! He said, "Never count anything out. We obviously like each other quite a bit. We’re roommates. We just got matching tattoos." YAY!

While it may not have worked out the first time, these two have definitely matured since their boy band days. They are both successful with their own music careers and coming together to collaborate might only seem natural! While he didn't mention their other brother Kevin Jonas, we have a feeling we won't hear him on the possible track.

Do you think Nick would harmonize with DNCE or would Joe collab with only Nick on his next album? There's no way to really know but we have a feeling whatever goes down will be a mega hit. Fans want to hear what these two sound like together now that they've perfected their voices!

Also we had no idea that the bros lived together! Did you??

Let us know in the comments below if you would listen to the brothers collab!

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