Given the fact that Nick Jonas is, well, Nick Jonas… it doesn’t seem like he would have much trouble impressing a girl. Right? Well, true. However, there was one particular time that he let fame get to his head while on a date.

Nick sat down with actress Anna Faris for her “Unqualified” podcast – and turns out, he had one particular date back in the day that is forever engrained in his memory as a cringy one. However, it didn’t have anything to do with the chemistry between him and his date. Rather, it was the fact that he wasn’t given the ~celebrity treatment~. But hey, it was learning experience. And by the way, this is definitely all about his ex-girlfriend Delta Goodrem. Why? Well, he mentions that he was 18 at the time… and the age gap totally matches up.

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“I had my earlier character building experience [when] I was 18, and I was dating this older woman. And we went to this place. My brother Joe said, ‘You gotta go to this place,'” Nick recalled. “It was a new spot. 18. Excited I’m taking this girl who’s 9 years older than me out. And the reservation was made under my real name, which usually I go with some kind of alias.”

This is where things took a turn. When he and his date got to the door, the man at the restaurant was not convinced Nick was the real deal and legit wouldn’t let them in.

“I was so mortified that I was like trying to impress this girl that was older than me – really at like a peak moment of success in my career, and yet I have to like tell the doorman, ‘I’m Nick Jonas. It’s a fake name.’ He goes, ‘Yeah, sure you are.'” Nick explained.

So basically, Nick just about HAD it. He doesn’t seem too proud of what he did next.

“My Jersey, Italian side came out. I was about to get in his face, and I just pull out my ID… I put it back in my pocket and was like, ‘We’re leaving,’ and we left. We grabbed like Pink Taco or something instead.”

nick jonas

Tacos with Nick? Sounds better than any fancy restaurant to us. Besides, this heated moment really served as a humbling experience for Nick in the midst of his peak fame.

“I think those moments and those, sort of, character building experiences where you go to that card, whatever it is, ‘Do you know who I am?’ – and it backfires in a good way, it’s a really good thing. Even if it’s waking up the next morning and feeling guilty about it.”

It’s safe to say Nick started booking his reservations extra carefully from that point on.

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