Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner announced their engagement on October 15, 2017, but ever since then, the happy couple has kept pretty quiet about the impending nuptials. One person who hasn’t been able to keep his mouth shut about the wedding and the couple’s nearly perfect relationship is Nick Jonas. He recently told People magazine how happy he is that Joe has basically found his soulmate. It might seem a bit on the dramatic side, but nevertheless, it’s cute. He spilled, “I can tell you that he found his partner and love of his life. That’s all that matters. It’s a beautiful thing.”

Now, Nick filling the fans in on even more wedding details. He chatted with Entertainment Tonight about a couple of major things – who will be the best man and whether or not Nick is going to perform on the big day. First, he tackled the best man dilemma. Nick explained, “I think my brother Kevin, when he got married, he had all of us be the best men. That’s kind of the diplomatic approach, but I don’t know. It’s up to him.”

We have a feeling Joe might do the same. The next question we all have is if Nick is going to belt out some of his classic hits or even sing a cover song on the wedding day. It looks like he’s leaning towards not getting up in front of everyone and doing his thing, that is, if Joe is okay with it. He said, “If he wants me to sing, I’ll sing, but I kind of just want to be able to enjoy the night and dance my a– off.” LOL!

We don’t really blame him. The night is supposed to be about Joe and Sophie, not a Nick Jonas concert. But, his voice really is something special so it could make the night even more memorable than it already is going to be. I don’t know about you, but I think this is the perfect chance for the Jonas Brothers to musically reunite. They can all sing together, that way the spotlight won’t be on just Nick. Can you imagine? It would be an unforgettable performance. And there’s no way Sophie wouldn’t totally be into it.

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