Tons of former Nickelodeon stars have become parents, and fans are obsessed with watching their kids grow up!

Daniella Monet, for one, is known for her role as Trina Vega on Victorious, but the actress is now a mom to two children. She and fiancé Andrew Gardner welcomed a son named Gio in September 2019 and a daughter named Ivry in February 2021.

“Motherhood has matured me in so many ways,” the actress told Mini Magazine in October 2020. “I used to be passive and less opinionated. I struggled with standing up for myself when I should have. Becoming a mother has helped me to have more respect for myself in business, and in my personal relationships — an absolutely priceless tool that I know will take me far as an individual and more importantly, as a parent.”

Daniella continued, “Motherhood [has] forced me to prioritize what’s most important so I can focus on the things that matter. It was so easy to waste time before becoming a mom. Now, I realize just how precious every minute of the day is.”

Similarly, Nathan Kress — who played Freddie Benson in iCarly — has his own podcast about fatherhood, “RadioActive Dads.” The actor and his wife, London Elise Kress, have two daughters — Rosie Carolyn, born in December 2017, and Evie Elise, born in March 2021. While chatting with POPSUGAR in June 2021, the actor referred to himself as an “overprepared, neurotic, hypervigilant” dad.

He’s also opened up about the backstory for starting a podcast about dad life.

“The concept for ‘RadioActive Dads’ stemmed from the seemingly endless conversations that I have with my buddy Brett Davern, who cohosts the show with me,” Nathan told Bello Magazine in August 2021. “Since becoming a dad myself in the years since we met, we always had a lot to talk about any time we ran into each other at events, and eventually, the idea of doing a podcast for dads sorta sprung out of our own relationship. We realized that there just wasn’t much out there for dads, in terms of resources, conversation, or just plain ol’ catharsis. Men generally aren’t that keen on the whole ‘talking and sharing’ thing, so we figured we could bring those conversations to them in the privacy of their own earbuds.”

Josh Peck, Carlos PenaVega and more former Nickelodeon actors have also welcomed kids into the world over the years! Scroll through our gallery to see which other stars have become parents. 

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