Shawn Mendes might be well rather famous to millions of people, but there are still some fellow celebs out there who aren't really sure who he is exactly. The next name to add to this list is the one and only Nicki Minaj. Yes, the rapper proved she's not really sure who the singer is and it all involves a cat.

In a now-deleted tweet (always remember, screenshots are forever people), Nicki stumbled upon a photo of Shawn cuddling up to a cat on a beach and it seems that someone actually thought the cat was a dog. Nicki couldn't believe this error since you know, the little furball the "Mercy" singer is cuddling up to is clearly a cat, and she tweeted out the conversation that she saw in her Twitter mentions. "Someone's in my dm's saying they wish this man (who's holding a cat) would hold them like he's holding this dog. i-I'm so confused," she wrote.

nicki minaj shawn mendes tweet

So Nicki was rather mind-boggled how someone could confuse this cat for a dog, but what got everyone even more in an uproar is that she referred to Shawn as "this man," basically implying she doesn't know who he is in the slightest. At least not from his shirtless beach pic while cuddling with a cat. That might be part of the reason why she ended up deleting this rather hilarious tweet, since you know the Mendes Army came out strong to alert her as to who Shawn is. A few examples for you:

Hey, perhaps she's just been busy and hasn't gotten around to listening to Shawn's music yet. They are artists in completely separate genres, so it's possible. But poor Shawn has already dealt with being manhandled by fellow Canadian Drake's security guard after he tried to say hi to the rapper. Plus, there was the infamous "Who's Shawn Mendes?" Justin Bieber uttered during a radio interview. The Biebs has since become very familiar with Shawn's music, although he did spell Shawn's name completely wrong on Instagram and tagged a different account. Well, although Shawn is still a big star, not everyone might not know him quite yet. At least he has plenty of time to introduce himself.

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