Cue the wedding bells, because Gabi DeMartino is planning her dream ceremony! The YouTube star and her twin sister, Niki DeMartino, spilled some marriage and bachelorette party tea with J-14 exclusively while promoting their Snapchat show, Twinning Out.

While the songstress said that she’s keeping her wedding planning process “super private,” Gabi gushed about choosing a venue, flowers and music. “I feel like you only get that once in your life,” the influencer, 26, said, noting that it’s making her and fiancé Collin Vogt bond “so much.”

“We’ve been dating for so long already, and we already know so much about each other, but we’re learning more and more about each other,” Gabi added. “It’s just so exciting. We just love it.”

As the maid of honor, Niki, 26, has the responsibly of planning a sure-to-be epic bachelorette party, which is something she said she’s looking forward to. While the girls stayed tight-lipped about any proposal or wedding details that may unfold during an episode of Twinning Out, Gabi did say that fans will see a lead up to their November 2020 proposal.

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“At that time in my life, with everything that I was balancing, I still was reading comments and that’s something that we seriously had to work on,” she recalled. “I truly believe I’m in a much better place mentally because I’ve eliminated the reading comment process, but it did wreak havoc on my relationship, especially during the series. You’ll see it in the show, [but] I discovered that there was a ring. … And then knowing that he had a ring and him not [proposing] was, like, the worst. I just felt like I was doing something wrong.”

In the end, Gabi realized that she “shouldn’t let those comments influence [her] relationship or how you feel about someone you love.”

Aside from the wedding talk, Gabi also revealed that she has new music in the works. “I’m putting out a single this summer for the first time since last summer,” she teased. “I’m excited.”

The twins also talked about creating content together, explaining that they’ve made the executive decision to “stop being perfectionist and overachievers,” and post the videos that make them happy.

“We put our heads together and we’re like, let’s just do what makes us happy,” Gabi explained. “At the end of the day, we’re happy with what we’re posting and if we would want to watch that, then other people will too.”

Be sure to watch the video above for our full interview with Niki and Gabi, and tune into their Snapchat show Twinning Out

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