There’s no more bad blood between YouTube stars and twins Niki and Gabi DeMartino! The 24-year-old siblings had a major sisterly bonding moment days after their public feud over topless vacation photos.

On Monday, February 24, Niki and Gabi took to their joint YouTube channel with a new upload titled “Trying to be Perfect Sisters Challenge.” In the 12-minute video, the twins introduced their new challenge and explained that, together, they decided that this would be the best video to post in the wake of their public blowout.

“We aren’t perfect sisters. We fight a LOT. Last week one of our fights became public (embarrassingly) and this was ironically filmed prior — but in this video we try to be perfect affectionate sisters in a sister challenge we made up ourselves!” Niki and Gabi wrote in the video’s description.

Together they went on a coffee date, took a workout class, had a spa night and did a matching photoshoot in an effort to be “affectionate sisters.” The pair explained that, now, fans know this is the opposite of how they normally act, but they wanted to try something new and “be affectionate” with each other.

Niki And Gabi DeMartino Do Some Major Sister Bonding Following Nasty Public Fight

As fans know, Niki and Gabi got into a major social media fight on February 17. The DeMartino twins’ public feud started after Niki posted a since-deleted topless photo of herself, her sister and their friends during a recent trip to the Bahamas. Upset that Niki posted the photo without her permission, Gabi commented on the image and threw major shade at her sister.

Both girls explained their side of the story on their own respective Instagram Stories before Niki admitted that she was in the wrong for not “asking for permission” before she posted the topless picture. She also explained that although it’s usually not on social media, Niki will fight with Gabi “all the time.”

“It was just miscommunication,” Niki said at the time ending the drama. “So I deleted the photo, and I’m going to delete my [Instagram Stories] and if any of you are watching this confused, that’s a good thing. Let’s keep this in the past.”

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