YouTuber NikkieTutorials — whose real name is Nikkie de Jager — has set the record straight about her review featuring fellow YouTuber Jaclyn Hill‘s new Morphe palette. Contrary to what some fans might have thought, no, it was not a sponsored video.

After the beauty vlogger’s “THE TRUTH… JACLYN HILL x Morphe Volume II Palette REVIEW!” went live on Sunday, February 16, fans were quick to claim that Nikkie’s positive review came after the brand paid her to help sell the new eye shadow palette.

According to Nikkie, the new makeup collaboration was “better than her first launch,” but some fans disagreed. Their disagreement paired with Nikkie sharing her Morphe affiliate coupon code at the end of the video led to the social media backlash about her review.

After she saw what fans were saying online, the YouTube star addressed the comments in a video uploaded on Wednesday, February 19.

“I can’t believe I still have to say this after everything I made so very clear. But I will just repeat myself once more,” Nikkie said. “In the beginning of every tutorial/video, anything I upload where I use products myself, there is a little list of icons. These icons are here to give you more clarification on the products that I use.”

She continued, “Everytime I hold up a product, one of those icons will pop in the corner of the video and it’ll tell you whether something is sent through PR, whether something is an ad, whether I’m affiliated to the brand with a code, or if I bought the product with my own money.”

Nikkie added that, as stated in her Jaclyn Hill review video, even though she has an affiliate code with the brand, her opinions were the “truth.”

“If you really think Morphe sponsored me or asked me to make the video, do you really think they would’ve allowed for me to say that I think the colors are repetitive, that there’s fallout in the pan, and with one shade on my face?” she said referring to things she stated throughout the video. “Do you really think they would accept that?”

Nikki also explained why she ended up sharing her coupon code with viewers.

“After I found out that the palette is really good, I felt comfortable enough to share my code with you,” the YouTuber stated. “At the end of the day, you decide if you wanna get a discount and use someone’s code. I’m not pushing it down your throat. I’m just letting you know that the option is there.”

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