If there’s any real takeaway from Netflix’s movie Sierra Burgess Is a Loser, it’s that Noah Centineo and Shannon Purser have a super adorable friendship IRL. Although the on-screen love birds don’t get to hang out all that much, whenever they do spend time together, it’s truly special and that all stems from the meaningful bond they formed on set.

Speaking to Glamour, Noah and Shannon each took turns telling the same story of how they knew they were going to be lifelong friends. And honestly, it’s all just too freakin’ cute.

“My earliest memory of her, we were walking outside a neighbrhood in Toluca Lake. Shannon and I went on a walk,” Noah started. 

“Yeah, it was outside Sierra’s house. So we were on set and we just had this break. At the time, I think I was just talking with him about relationships,” Shannon added, with the 22-year-old actor chiming in again, “How tough they were for us and what we learned and the impact and scars that were left. We really got to know each other and that’s really when I remember Shannon and I clicking.”

“So we kind of bonded over that. I found it so easy to be myself around him and get to know him and that was really great. I needed that at the time,” Shannon concluded.

Umm, can you even handle the cuteness? The way they both explained this pivotal moment in their friendship speaks volumes of how much they value and respect each other. Plus, it’s always nice seeing that two of your faves from the same movie really are buds off-screen. Knowing that the 21-year-old actress was super nervous to share her first-ever on-screen kiss with Noah to seeing how close they’ve become is nothing short of adorable. Can we just request Noah and Shannon to hang out all the time, please and thanks?

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