It sounds like Ross Butler was in for a major shock when his BFF and To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before costar Noah Centineo decided to share his Animal Crossing code with his 1.5 million followers as a prank!

For those who don’t know, with the use for a five-digit code, any one can go visit another person’s island in the new Nintendo video game.

“I don’t have Animal Crossing… but Ross Butler does, and this is his code,” the actor wrote on Twitter alongside a snap of Ross’ exclusive set of numbers and letters. “He’s been super lonely lately and could use some new friends. Go say hi to him for me.”

Naturally, a bunch of fans quickly put in the code and headed to the 13 Reasons Why star’s island! Unfortunately, only eight people can visit at a time, but Ross shared a snap of him hanging with the eight lucky fans.

“Thanks @noahcent for inviting the world to my island,” he captioned it.

Ross also shared a video to his Instagram Story of him clapping with all the random visitors. “Thanks Noah for all these new friends. Just clapping on my island, making noise, being rambunctious,” he joked. It appeared that things had started out great, but then, things started to get out of hand!

“Alright guys, I just ended the session. Look at all these trampled flowers! Visitors came and they just trampled my garden,” he said in another video. Not cool, people — do not mess with Ross’ flowers!

For those who don’t know, Animal Crossing is an open-ended “social simulation” video game in which players explore and establish a home in a village of anthropomorphic animals. The new game made headlines after its release on March 20, 2020, for having Nintendo’s first ever LGBTQ character. Fans quickly went into a frenzy when they noticed that one of the animals, a beaver named C.J., referred to a lizard named Flick as his “partner.”

The things we would give to play Animal Crossing with Ross!

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