Any Noah Centineo fan has seen his highly-anticipated Netflix movie, Sierra Burgess Is a Loser, by now. It was released a mere few weeks after we saw 22-year-old actor’s breakout role of Peter Kevinsky in To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. It comes by no surprise Noah once again made the world swoon with his character in Sierra Burgess, as Jamey is a jock with a heart of gold. And IRL, we know Noah is actually a gem. Being his charming AF self, he improvised two of the cutest scenes in TATBILB. Now, we’re finding out he kept this streak alive in SBIAL, and we’re like bro, do you ever stop being so perfect?

So here’s the scoop: The director of Sierra Burgess Is a Loser, Ian Samuels, spoke to ET and revealed what really went on during the filming of one very key scene – when Jamey sends Sierra a shirtless selfie and anxiously waits for her to respond. 

As we see in the movie, Sierra takes a while to react since Jamey thinks he’s actually talking to popular head cheerleader, Veronica – and not Sierra. She can’t just send him back a selfie because, well, she’s not Veronica. So Sierra ends up sending a funny animal pic back as a response. Jamey gets super anxious waiting for her response, and we see him writing messages to send back, second-guessing himself. Turns out, that was all Noah.

“I remember when [Noah] did his [shirtless] selfie, I encouraged him to think,’ How do you cover for yourself when you think the other person thinks you made a huge mistake?’ And I would just let the cameras roll and we would see, the longer Shannon wouldn’t respond, the more uncomfortable Noah would get,” Ian said. 

noah shirtless scene

“I think the direction I gave him was, ‘I want you to start to try to cover for yourself if it’s taking too long and find a way to tell her you were just kidding.’ In the script, it was just ‘JK,’ and then Noah gets to feel out his own rhythm and when he felt like it was actually taking too long and go through all those beats. Some of that was improvised; I think he writes ‘hahahahaha’ and then I told him to delete it. And there was the anxiety over the ellipsis that I wanted to show.”

Basically, that was truly Noah reacting in that scene, totally freaking out waiting for the response to his pic. Jamey just got even more relatable and adorable, now that we know Noah put a little bit of himself in the character. *Cue the swoons.*

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