Taking advice from an older sibling is something most if not all do or have admitted to. Noah Cyrus has admitted a few times that she does take advice from her big sisters Miley and Brandi, but in a new interview the aspiring singer admitted that she doesn’t really listen to anything either of her sisters have to say.

While on the red-carpet for the premiere of the film, Fifty Shades Darker the “Make Me (Cry)” singer explained ET Online why she doesn’t like to listen to anyone in her family when it comes to being given helpful tips by admitting, “I think I just get really cranky, especially like, getting advice from your mom. You're just like, cranky."

Although Noah doesn’t like to take advice from either of her older siblings, she does take the time to listen to what they have to say. She explained by continuing to say, “We try to help each other as much as we can without getting in the catty sister fight."

Sounds like a normal sister relationship, if you ask us. Noah also shared an update on plans she has in the works for releasing her own music in the future and revealed that she’s hard at work on an album that’s pretty close to being complete.

“I'm really excited. I have a lot of great people that I've been working with. I've been writing on everything and I'm really excited to work with some more producers and finish everything up,” she admitted.

Although Noah didn’t share if she actually asked for any of her sisters or brothers advice when it comes to the recording process of an album, we’re sure someone in her family had some tips to give considering how long they have all been involved with the entertainment industry.

Are you guys surprised by Noah’s admission of not being a fan of advice being given by her sisters? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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