Noah Cyrus has been turning heads ever since she dropped her debut single "Make Me Cry." Her voice sounded incredible on the track and it was a total jam. She is breaking out from her big sister, Miley Cyrus' shadow faster than fans can grasp. Noah has got a new look, new music, a fresh sound and she's proving to the world that she's not the little sister many people have always thought of her as!

2017 is her year and she isn't going to let anyone forget it especially when she drops bombshells about her celebrity crushes. Wait. WHAT. Yes, you read that correctly, Noah actually admitted which Hollywood heartthrob she's been crushing on. To be honest, we're not totally shocked. The guy is a real hottie!

Noah hung out with her friend Alli Simpson on Alli's Radio Disney talk show, The Alli Simpson Show. This is where she spilled all of the details!

Alli said, "And on my show, I do this thing called Crush of the Week. So I want to know if there is anyone you are crushing on right now."

Noah replied, "Oh my god..ummmm…" When we first heard this, we thought she was going to keep it a secret. Celebs are notoriously sneaky about who they have a crush on at the moment – always trying to make sure it doesn't get blown out of proportion by the fans. But, Alli is very convincing.

She said, "She [Noah] is like kinda blushing! So I don’t know if you want to tell me or not!"

Noah finally gave in and told the truth."I don’t know…I don’t know who…I am always crushing on Evan Peters! You know this!" Ahhh, best crush ever.

evan peters

Alli replied, "I know this. I was actually going to say that. We’ve discussed this."

Noah finished off her confession and said, "Yea. I am always crushing on Evan Peters, so like I’m obsessed with that guy, he is so hot." Indeed he is, indeed he is!

Of course, this game was all in good fun but Evan actually has a girlfriend! Sorry, Noah! LOL. He's dating Emma Roberts and the two have been on and off for years now. They were actually engaged at some point and then broke it off yet continue to come back to each other. There's no telling if they will ever make it down the aisle but one thing is for sure, he's only got eyes for Emma at the moment.

Evan posted this photo on Valentine's Day with the caption, "Happy V day boobie."

Too cute! But, it's still fun to have celeb crushes and we don't blame Noah for loving a guy with a great sense of style, a real personality and a true talent when it comes to acting.

Could you have guessed that Noah had a crush on Evan? Let us know in the comments below!

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