Surprise, Surprise: Will Byers From 'Stranger Things' Has a Twin IRL — Meet Noah Schnapp's Sister


The sweet Will Byers from Stranger Things made headlines in Season 1 when he was "kidnapped" by a demogorgon into the Upside Down on the show. Now, the actor behind Wynona Ryder's on-screen son — 13-year-old Noah Schnapp — is making headlines because fans have learned that he's a twin IRL!

Before the second season of ST dropped, Noah dropped a major bombshell via Twitter. When a fan of the series tweeted him that she just found out he was one-half of a pair, he answered, "Fraternal twins. Her name is Chloe."

Noah's fraternal twin sister is no stranger to the 13-year-old star's social media presence. On National Twins Day, Noah used Instagram to highlight his friendship with his sister, writing, "Happy national #twins day! Love u Chloe!" Chloe Schnapp, too, has an exceptional online following. Just for being Noah's sister, she's amassed over 160K followers.

The Schnapp twins, both Libras, just had their birthday pass. On October 3, 2017, they turned 13 and Chloe used the opportunity to send her brother a birthday message on IG, writing, "happy b day noah!! ur the best brother ever!! wouldn’t wanna trade our friendship for the world! love u sooo much love from ur fave sis (sic)."

Chloe also celebrated her own birthday with an IG pic of herself holding black balloons that read, "13." She wrote, "Just another basic birthday post." Not much else is known about Chloe other than that she used to put on plays with her twin brother in their home. She often uses Instagram to showcase snapshots of her friends, her vacations, and her family. Hey, same as us!


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