One thing fans can definitely count on when it comes to the ladies of Fifth Harmony, is some killer dance moves. Though using them as a way to cover-up when taking a fall on stage is just a whole other level of awesome. The girls were recently performing a concert in Brazil, and in the middle of belting out "Made You Mad," Normani Kordei took a bit of a fall while on stage. Though like a total boss, she didn't miss a single beat, and actually played the whole thing off like she was doing a split that was part of their routine. Yeah, she totally did just that! Fans at the concert captured the moment for all to see, and let's just say it's amazing!

It just goes to show that the “Down” singer is a total pro. She didn’t miss a step or a single note either! Who else but her can make a fall look so graceful? We need some serious pointers, Normani. Social media totally erupted too in wake of the video, fans totally freaking out and giving the singer her props – which are totally deserved. Also as many made note of, this isn't exactly the first time she's had a mishap happen onstage that's required her to recover pretty epically from. Which is why there needs to be even more recognition for her talents!

It might be safe to say that she is ready to take over the world with her singing and dancing skills. Not too many people can recover that flawlessly from anything, let alone performing in front of hundreds of people who are watching her every move. We seriously need some lessons from the school of Normani to help us recover from a potentially awkward fall while busting a move out on the dance floor.

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