We can't get Shontelle's slammin' single "T-shirt" out of my head. Did you know that Shontelle was childhood friends with Rihanna back in Barbados and that both ladies attended cadet camp together, which is a lot like R.O.T.C. in the U.S.?
"I was a drill sergeant and she was a junior," Shontelle spills. "It's customary with these types of organizations that if you don't do what you're told, then you have to be disciplined. So, I had to end up telling them to do 10 pushups. Everyone always asks me [about] that. They're like, 'Shontelle, you gave Rihanna push-ups? That's hilarious!'"
Hard to imagine, Riri getting her newly manicured nails or Jimmy Choos dirty…


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