Ever since One Direction went on their hiatus, all the boys have been adamant about the fact that they are all on good terms and one day the band will return to the spotlight.

Fans believed them because why wouldn't they keep in touch? To be honest, when four guys get together, make music and go on tour together for five years they are ultimately going to become as close as brothers. But, now that Liam Payne and Cheryl Cole have welcomed their first child into the world, something seems off when it comes to the guys' relationship.

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There is a fan theory going around the Internet that some tension has built up between the 1D boys and Liam. Why would that even be a possibility? Well, the big thing is that they have made no effort to mention Liam and Cheryl's baby on social media. They haven't acknowledged that the two are now parents or anything about it.

To be fair, it took the boys a long time to say anything about Louis Tomlinson's son Freddie Tomlinson. However, it seems like the boys took to social media very soon after Liam's son was born to announce other things.

Niall Horan even congratulated Harry Styles on his debut solo single that drops tomorrow. Niall liked the photo Harry put on Instagram and even commented with a series of approval emojis.

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niall liam

Unless Niall unliked the photo of Liam holding his baby or he deleted his comment, we see no trace of any congratulatory message. It seems odd. Of course, the boys could have sent their good wishes to Liam and Cheryl privately, but why should they hide? Right now, all of the boys have some major things going on in their lives in terms of music and family. And they've been sharing a lot of it.

The fact that the people who are closest to Liam, the boys that spent five years by his side haven't publicly wished him well on the birth of his child is making some fans worry that they aren't all getting along like they used to. Could this be total nonsense? Sure. But, it could mean that they just aren't as close anymore.

If fans remember correctly, Liam actually went to the BRIT Awards solo this year on behalf of the whole band. The weirdest part about that was that some of the guys were actually in the UK when the show was taking place yet still chose not to attend with Liam. Again, we don't REALLY know what it going on with their lives. They could have had certain things to attend to that took priority over the BRIT Awards. But, fans are anxiously awaiting the approval and acknowledgment of Liam's son by the band just so we can rest assure that there's no bad blood!

Because really, Freddie and Liam's son can't go through life without being BFF. That just wouldn't be right!

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News just broke that Harry reportedly spoke about Liam and his new life as a father in his interview with Nick Grimshaw on Radio One Breakfast Show. However, the full audio for the chat will be released tomorrow and that will confirm whether or not Harry will be the first member of One Direction to acknowledge Liam's son.

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