It's official. All five, including Zayn Malik, members of the original One Direction boy band have dropped solo music. Fans knew it would come sooner or later but no one was quite sure who would be the first, who would be the last, who would go on tour and who would just release what they wanted when they wanted.

Today, Liam Payne released his track, "Strip That Down" and fans went wild over it. The song is edgy and cool yet nothing like we heard from him during his days in the band. And the fact holds true for all the boys. It's clear that they have their own style and their own taste in music. We can't forget that they did come onto the X-Factor as solo artists and it was Simon Cowell who would only let them through if they formed a group.

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So, a solo career for all five of the boys had always been the dream. It was just delayed.

Now, they are thriving in all different ways. Sometimes, it's hard to keep up when it comes to when an album is dropping, where they are performing next and if any new music is on the horizon that fans should keep an eye out for. We know it's difficult, so we did all of the legwork for you! The editors here at J-14 have compiled a complete guide to everything you need to know about the boys' current music situations.


Harry's debut solo album was released on May 12, 2017, titled Harry Styles. There are 10 songs on the album about various topics and people including a fan he allegedly had a fling with in Carolina and his puppy love relationship with Taylor Swift. Following the release of the album, Harry announced that he was going on tour. It's scheduled to start in September 2017 in San Francisco, California. From there he will do 60 shows in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Tickets are already on sale.

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Harry was most recently on the Late Late Show with James Corden for a week where he co-hosted and played a part in various segments like Carpool Karaoke. Harry sang a few of his new songs and did some renditions of others. It's a must watch!


Niall was actually the first member of the foursome to release solo music. His first single, "This Town" dropped on September 26, 2016. After that, he did some promo and played at several different performances including Jingle Ball in December. Just recently, he released his second single off of what we presume to be his debut solo album. His song, "Slow Hands" was much sexier and different than the Niall fans have come to known. He said that he went and did something super risky but it turned out well and to his advantage.

While Niall says that he would like to go on tour, nothing has been set in stone yet. However, he is set to play at a few gigs around the country that are coming up. On May 20th, Niall is scheduled to perform at the Boulevard Pool at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas in Las Vegas, Nevada. On June 23rd, he will perform at Indiana Farmers Coliseum in Indianapolis, Indiana. You can find everyone else he's taking his talents HERE.


Liam has got some major changes going on his life right now both professionally and personally. He just became a daddy over a month ago to his son, Bear Payne, whom he shares with his girlfriend Cheryl Cole. Now that he has tried to adjust to a life of parenting, Liam dropped his first solo single TODAY called "Strip That Down." He partnered with Migos' Quavo and the track. Payno co-wrote the song with Steve Mac and Ed Sheeran.

Liam chatted with BBC Radio 2's The Chris Evans Breakfast Show and his musical process and said, "Getting to write with people like Ed is one of the most amazing things a person can do. I'm humbled that Ed even took a second of his time let alone spending hours with him to write the song. I've been working hard in the studio for over a year and I'm really excited to share this new music with my amazing fans. I've come a long way since our One Direction debut, and I hope everyone likes my new sound as much as I do."


Louis' has had a pretty difficult year having to deal with the tragic loss of his mother, Johannah Deakin. However, just days after she passed he dropped his solo single with Steve Aoki titled, "Just Hold On." The song was inspired by his mother and their relationship.

Since then, Louis has kind of stayed out of the spotlight. However, he's definitely been in the studio writing and working on new music. We chatted with ROZES who worked with Louis in the studio and said, "It was really fun working with him, and he’s super-talented. We kind of dug into his life, what he’s up to. He’s obviously going through an emotional time and then recreating himself [as a solo artist], so it was fun to be his diary for the day."

There's no specific timeline of when he will release more music and when his solo album will drop. However, it seems like that is something that will definitely happen in the near future.

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