Our thoughts are with Liam Payne right now as reports are surfacing of violence breaking out at a nightclub he was hanging out in over the weekend.

TMZ is reporting that there was an alleged shooter on the scene at a popular West Hollywood hot spot on Saturday night. The One Direction heartthrob was supposedly inside the club when everything went down. Before we give any more details, it's important to keep in mind that Liam is safe. There have been no reports of any injuries or death.

There's no word about who Liam was partying with at The Peppermint Club but it was while he was in attendance that a man tried to get into the place with a fake ID. Of course, the use of a fake ID is illegal. The security at the door reportedly stopped the man and wouldn't let him inside. Things apparently got pretty heated between the man and the security. The man went into the parking lot and started firing shots from a gun into the air.

The shots could be heard from inside the club. Ever since the incident, fans have been tweeting at Liam hoping he will respond and confirm that he is okay. Once again, there has been no reports of injuries or casualties so it is safe to assume that he is fine. TMZ has also reported that Liam left the club about a half hour after the shots were fired, which is great news.

A fan tweeted, "So happy that Liam's ok? @LiamPayne."

tweet liam 1

Another Directioner tweeted, "Liam i heard what happened…Are you ok?
@LiamPayne @LiamPayne @LiamPayne @LiamPayne."

tweet liam 3

One other fan also wrote, "How are you @LiamPayne? I'm worried about you. Please, tell us you're ok."

tweet liam 2

This is super scary. Fingers crossed that Liam tweets something soon. Whether or not it's about the incident, fans would just be happy to just see him active on social media after this whole thing.

Unfortunately, Liam is usually pretty private so we wouldn't be shocked if he didn't open up about this at all.

Thankfully, this man was not let into the club and the security caught him at the door. There's no telling what kind of damage could have been done if he actually got inside.

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