Gotta Be You: All the Times the Guys of One Direction Sang the Band's Classic Songs During This Hiatus


It's been many, many, many days since the guys of One Direction last performed together as a group before they started their hiatus. Seriously can close our eyes and replay that final group hug we got after they sang "History" together on X Factor, taking their final bow where their careers all began. Getting misty-eyed right about now.

But Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson have each said time and time again they know for sure one day the band will reunite and while no one knows exactly when that's going to happen, we just have to believe in our hearts it will. When has 1D ever lied to us before? And we're living in the era of five new solo artists (yes, Zayn Malik we're including you here too), which is an exciting time as fans. It's five times the new music. According to Liam, it's technically like we have a new 1D album in our hands at this exact moment.

"The funny thing is, everyone, is like 'when are you guys coming back?' We're still here, we didn't leave! There's a One Direction album out there right now, we're just not singing it together. That's what it feels like for me," Liam said in an interview.

TRUE LIAM, V TRUE. He went on to spill more to ET Canada about how he really can't wait to one day tour the group's most recent album, Made in the A.M. and how he truly is so grateful for Directioners being as loyal as they are.

"Everyone's doing their thing in their own little way and I think it's beautiful, I think it's really, really great and we're not stopping anytime soon. There's an album we didn't even tour when we finished and it's my favorite album that we did. I was gutted about it but I think we did the right thing at the right time," Liam said. "And I see everyday people counting the days we've been away and I can't believe it. They're so loyal our fans, they're just the best and it's amazing to see how much they've dived into everything we've done so far."

What a prince Payno is. And the 1D lovefest from him didn't stop there. He paid a visit to James Corden's The Late Late Show and engaged in Boy Bands v. Solo Artists Riff-Off where at the end Liam, James, and The Filharmonic broke out a little "Best Song Ever," after Liam reassured James he's still and will always be in a boy band. IS as in present tense. Precious. Let us appreciate that note change he did singing the words "wildest dreams."

And when the whole crew danced it out together during the chorus.

Watch it all for yourself to experience the magic:

Liam is planning on heading out on tour once his album drops and while it's unclear as to whether he's whip out any 1D songs (although we think he totally will!), it's nice to know he still enjoys singing these classic tunes. And he's not the only one who has done it since we've entered this hiatus phase. Harry is out on his solo tour and he decided to sing a little rendition of the classic that is "What Makes You Beautiful."

OK, but can we talk about how happy Harry looks, dancing around singing this fave? What a time. He broke out a solo version of another beloved tune, "Story of My Life" too.

And let us also never forget when Harry performed "Stockholm Syndrome" during his first solo Today Show concert.

He was so excited to have everyone singing along with him too.

And it's a jam he's played out on the road since then too, incorporating it into his set lists. When it was Niall's turn to hit that same Today Show stage, he busted out some "Best Song Ever." While he didn't sing, since he said he hadn't prepared anything 1D related in advance, he just played the chords on the guitar as the fans sang along.

They asked and he delivered. What an angel. Currently, Niall is out on his Flicker Sessions tour and he has incorporated another 1D fave, "Fool's Gold" into his set.

This is all too much. Louis has just started getting out there and performing on his own with the release of his solo tracks so time will tell if he'll follow suit and sing some 1D faves too. They made five albums worth of songs so there are plenty of jams to choose from. We know they're each in full-on solo mode, but it's nice to see the guys haven't forgotten how it all began and proudly pay homage to the peak One Direction glory days. What a time.


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This post was originally published on Sept. 7, 2017, and has since been updated.