Spilling the tea! Julia Antonelli — who fans may recognize as Wheezie Cameron in Netflix’s Outer Banks — is gushing over the real-life relationship between costars Chase Stokes and Madelyn Cline.

“They are literally the cutest together. Honest to God. They’re so cute,” the actress, 18, tells J-14 exclusively. “They’re also just so cool together. They’re so chill, and it’s just cool to see them. They get along so well. So, it’s just awesome to see them like chilling on set together. That’s really cute because, of course, they’re dating in the show as well.”

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The duo made headlines with their real-life relationship in June 2020 after starring as John B and Sarah Cameron in the fan-favorite series.

Julia teases that she does “have a couple more scenes with them” in season 2, so fans will see get to see how Wheezie interacts with Sarah and John B as a couple. “The way they act around each other, even on set, it’s very casual,” she adds. “They go so well together.”

As for what else fans can expect from the sure-to-be adventurous Outer Banks season 2, the young star explains that there will definitely be more scenes with Wheezie, including a few with her onscreen brother, Rafe (played by Drew Starkey).

“He’s such a nice person off set,” Julia explains. “So, you’ll see him go from like, ‘Hi, how are you,’ to, you know, Rafe, the murderer. So, it’s crazy to see him flip or switch his personality so fast. But it’s also, kind of, really cool because that means he’s a fantastic actor, and it’s something you can learn from.”

Julia also tells J-14 about an upcoming “serious scene,” which she “almost wasn’t ready for.” But thanks to her costars, the entire experience was “pretty cool.”

“Usually, my character, she, kind of, just speaks from the head,” she shares. “She’s never really serious. She’s more just kind of like the sassy younger sister, but this season I had a really serious scene, and it went pretty well. Having all those guys around me — like Madeline and Caroline [Arapoglou], of course — those guys really help you through it. The serious parts are serious, but they’re also kind of lighthearted. … The things that are happening in the show are not actually happening.”

Aside from being a Netflix star, Julia is a normal teen who recently graduated from high school with plans to attend Fordham University in the fall. When the first season of Outer Banks premiered amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, she recalls getting “a lot of text messages” from other kids at her school.

“To see it be such a hit during such a difficult time was just amazing,” she gushes. “It really made my day.”

Outer Banks season 2 premieres on Netflix on Friday, July 30.

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