P1Harmony is finally back and they’re “Killin’ It“! The rising K-pop boy group sat down with J-14, where they spoke about releasing their very first full length album, Killin’ It, writing their own music and where they see themselves in the next few years. Keep reading for our exclusive interview.

ICYMI, the 6-member group debuted in 2020 under FNC Entertainment, and includes Keeho, Theo, Jiung, Intak, Soul and Jongseob. Releasing several mini albums and EPs over the years, Killin’ It serves as the band’s first full length album, including 10 tracks including their lead single, “Killin’ It.”

“Because [it’s our] first full length album, we tried to participate in this album more than before,” Jiung told J-14 exclusively, in a February 2024 interview. “So Keeho gave a lot of opinions for visual and conceptual things. Writing songs, for me. Writing rap, for Jongseob. For choreo, Jonseoob did a lot [and] Theo, too. So yeah, there are a lot of things that we participated in.”

As for what the band wants fans to take away from the new album? Jongseob said it’s all about “confidence.”

“So, Jongseob said, especially for the title song ‘Killin’ It,’ it’s really about just knowing that we’re the best,” Keeho explained, translating for Jongseob. “We have so much confidence, kind of oozing that out in the message and also in the album in general. I feel like we just express that confidence in being able to love ourselves no matter what shape or form we come into.”

Courtesy of FNC

Jongseob also hopes for fans to “receive” that confidence from their songs and performances for Killin’ It, and use it for themselves!

And while their 2024 comeback already appears to be one of their most successful musical drops since debut, Keeho did reveal that it wasn’t an “easy battle to get to this song.”

“We had previous songs before that were going to potentially be the leading single for the album,” he began. “And [when] we were hearing the first song, we were like, ‘I don’t know. I don’t know if this song’s it.’ So, we were discussing it with executives and talking and then we changed it again. We changed it, and then we heard [another] one. We were like, ‘OK, this is better. But I don’t know if we’re there yet.'”

Finally, after talking to executives for a third time, they received “Killin’ It.”

“When we heard that for the first time, we were like, ‘OK, this is so much better. This is us personally.’ For me, I also felt like if P1Harmony was on this track and we were able to create something out of it.” 

P1Harmony’s fans, also known as P1ece, are known to be quite talented on TikTok — so we *had* to ask the group if they’d seen the work of their hardworking fans.

“We’re into memes, our memes that fans make,” Jiung confirmed. “So we always share. We send the links,” he added, before Theo confirmed, “Yeah, we send the links in our group chat.” They’re always watching, P1ece!

On top of that, after being asked how they’d like to be known in 10 years, Intak admitted the group has some “big dreams.”

“An A-team. A team that you really want to go see again,” Theo revealed, before Soul said he wants to be a team that can “write their own, new history.”

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