No days off! K-pop group P1Harmony may have finished their first-ever world tour, but members KEEHO, THEO, JIUNG, INTAK, SOUL and JONGSEOB are ready for what’s next.

“There’s no relaxing,” the group teases while chatting with J-14 exclusively. “We’re always doing stuff. So, definitely not relaxing, but I feel like … because we put so much hard work and effort into this one tour, now that it’s finally finished, we’re kind of like, ‘Whoa.’ Now, we don’t have to do that set list ever again. At least in that order. Now it just seems really weird.”

Now that their first tour has come to an end, P1Harmony is reflecting on what they learned from taking the stage every night. The members tell J-14 they were able to perfect their “balance on the stage” and keeping “stamina” high. The boys also gushed over their fandom, noting that they were able to learn “how many [people] love P1Harmony.”

They add, “That was a good experience.”

While they did interact with fans during their time on the road, it was from the stage straight to bed for the boys.

“It’s very important to have the same mindset and goal — how we want to be perceived on stage,” they share, explaining that sometimes after concert they would reflect on what went well. “We always like, kind of, sit down and remind ourselves how we want to be perceived on stage, and how we should be performing and stuff like that. So, we do take some time to sit down and talk, but not all the time.”

When speaking about their music, P1Harmony got real about collaborating with Pink Sweat$ on the song “Gotta Get Back.” They released the music video to go along with the single last month.

“It was very spontaneous,” the group says of the collaboration. “He sent us a couple of songs to listen to and we were listening to them. … And ‘Gotta Get Back’ was just the song that stuck. The chorus was definitely the vibes. It was definitely a genre and type of song that we’ve never tackled before. We felt that our fans would like it a lot too, and it’s such an honor to work with Pink Sweat$ as well. We were like, ‘Let’s do this song. I feel this song would sounds so great with us on it too.’ That’s how we kind of worked on it. And then, we got in the studio together.”

With a tour and major collaboration under their belt already, there’s only more to come from P1Harmony!

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