Now here's something you never expected you needed in tour life: Paris Jackson prank called Taylor Lautner and it's everything. The actress and model appeared on the Australian radio show Hamish & Andy and the two hosts came up with the genius idea to challenge Paris to speak with an Australian accent and call a friend to try and convince this bud of hers she's actually someone else. She gave the radio hosts a list of people she has in her phone contacts that would be good ones to try out and the list casually included Gigi Hadid, Demi Lovato, Taylor and Kendall Jenner. After asking who they thought would be the most gullible and fall for this prank, she suggested they try calling Taylor since he's most likely to pick up the phone call.

And yes, Tay answered. He knew right away Paris wasn't home in California but in Austrailia, which provided the perfect segway since Paris then said she was with someone who really wanted to talk to the Twilight star. That someone named Rachel was of course just Paris with an accent! She starts telling Taylor how she has so many dreams about him and asks if he really turns into a wolf. She's #TeamJacob clearly.

"No, I hate to break it to you but I don't," Taylor said. Paris then goes on to say she has so many dreams about the actor and Taylor was naturally getting a little embarrassed by what Rachel was saying, even telling her she was making him blush. You can tell he was just trying to make this fan's day he thought he was talking to, no matter who creepy the convo got. Once the hosts let Taylor know it was all a joke, Paris apologizes and says she owes him one and will buy him sushi sometime to make up for it.

"I was like this is one of the weirdest phone calls I've ever gotten and is Rachel okay right now? Paris, I'm going to kill you," he jokingly said. So Paris successfully pranked Taylor and it's nothing but amazing. Take a look at it yourself:

Seriously, Paris was too good playing up this character of Rachel and Taylor was still nothing but kind even though the conversation was a little strange. And tbh, didn't know these two were such great pals and now kind of obsessed with this friendship. But props to everyone for being such good sports and now we all know Taylor is the type of person who will actually answer a phone call. What a guy.

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