Ever since he starred as Ollie Wrather in Coop & Cami Ask the World, Paxton Booth has been everyone’s obsession. Not only has the actor stolen all of our hearts in the Disney Channel show, but he also has made a major name for himself in the fashion industry!

Well guys, J-14 had a chance to chat with the superstar about the hilarious series, his hopes for Season 3 and what really goes on when cameras stop rolling. Plus, he spilled on his dreams to start his own clothing line one day and how he wants to put an end to gender labels! You go, Paxton!

J-14: Can you share some fun, behind-the-scenes stories or memories from on set of Coop & Cami Ask the World?

Paxton Booth: On one of our hottest rehearsal days, the teachers brought water balloons and we had a big battle in the parking lot. It was so much fun! It was so hot out that by the time we picked up all the broken balloon pieces we were all just about dry.

J-14: Do you and your costars get along when cameras stopped rolling? What are some things you guys like to do together?

Paxton: Yes, we all get along great! Disney organizes lots of charity events for us to attend, and that’s my favorite thing to do with my cast outside of filming Coop & Cami.

J-14: What has been your all time favorite scene to film so far?

Paxton: There was an episode where Ollie was starting to do his own thing outside of “Coop & Cami’s Would You Wrather” live stream show, which was playing piano. He really enjoyed it and got upset when his siblings interfered. There was a scene where he stood up to them and let them know he’s growing up and starting to find new things to do on his own. It was really fun to show that Ollie has some emotions that we haven’t seen before.

J-14: Do you think there will be a third season?

Paxton: I sure hope so!

J-14: What do you want to see happen if there is a third season?

Paxton: I’d love to see Ollie make some new friends. It would be interesting to see what kinds of kids he would hang out with!

J-14: I know you do a  lot of your own stunts, is that hard or scary?

Paxton: Some of the stunts can be challenging, but that’s part of the fun! They aren’t scary, they are more like rollercoaster exciting. I have a stunt coordinator that I practice with before we shoot that makes sure I’m totally safe and having fun!

J-14: Do you have to train at all beforehand?

Paxton: Not really train, but more, like, practice. I haven’t had to go to any sort of classes yet. I’d love to get a role where I had to do some parkour or martial arts training. That would be so rad!

J-14: You’re also a big advocate for fashion not having any gender labels, can you explain why that’s something you’re passionate about?

Paxton: In school I got picked on for wearing pink, which for some reason people think only girls can wear. It made me think that if clothes didn’t have gender labels and everyone shopped in the same section, that could help with bullying.

J-14: We know you want to start your own clothing line one day, what do you love the most about clothes and fashion?

Paxton: I think that fashion is a great way to express yourself. Starting my own fashion line would give kids more options to do that. I’d love to see the modern trends you see in the adult section, but in small sizes for kids.

J-14: What message do you hope to deliver with your clothing?

Paxton: I would love for it to show kids that self-expression is okay! Be yourself and show off your own style to the world.

J-14: How do you deal with online hate? Any tips you can give fans?

Paxton: I don’t take social media too seriously. I know who my true friends and family are, and their options are the only ones that matter to me. When I get a negative comment I usually just let it roll off my back. I know they aren’t my real friends.

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