Dating someone in the public eye has its ups and downs. Being in a high profile relationship with a famous person might be difficult for some people who are not used to that level of fame yet. Entering a romance with a member of One Direction or a starlet like Ariana Grande comes with a lot of attention from the paparazzi, fans, and the media and it can take a toll on some relationships and people who are not used to being in the spotlight.

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This does not apply to everyone though, and there are people who have turned lemons into lemonade by taking full advantage of their new found fame. They've dated stars who are way more famous than them, catapulting their own careers and promoting their own brands and businesses. A few have even become superstars themselves.

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Why not do that when you already have an audience watching your every move, especially on social media?

Click through the gallery to see people who have become famous themselves simply by dating the right person.

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