Peyton List and the cast of Jessie may have had to say goodbye back in 2015 when the show wrapped, but the tight-knit fam has truly managed to keep the magic alive in the fan-fave spin-off that we all know and love – Bunk'd! As much as Jessie will always hold a very special place in the hearts of Disney Channel fans across the world, the follow-up series totally had us hooked the moment it premiered just a few months after the curtains closed on Jessie. Like honestly, who wouldn't want to go to Camp Kikiwaka?

There's no doubt that the Jessie cast had an unbreakable squad, and there is one particular tradition from the show that Peyton said carried over to the Bunk'd set. Prepare to shed a tear because this will truly hit you in the feels.

bunk'd cast

"There are so many good moments [from working on Jessie]. We always had live tapings on a Friday night, and we would come back to the screening room set, and we would all just talk about what went great that week or something hard that week, or something about the episode that we really liked. It could be anything. And we would all do that right before a show," the Peyton told The Huffington Post, as reported by "The Tea" newsletter.

OUR HEARTS! We can so picture Peyton sitting around bonding with Skai Jackson, Cameron Boyce, Karan Brar and Debby Ryan before every show.

The Disney Channel darling continued, "I love them all so much, so it was so nice to be able to carry that onto Bunk'd. A lot of kids tell me that Jessie is their favorite show and they would have been so sad if it didn't live on in Bunk'd."

One of Peyton's other fave Jessie memories? It had to be when Michelle Obama came on set.

Peyton said, "It was so amazing. [Michelle] guest-starred on an episode of Jessie, which was so cool. She walked onto set and I remember feeling like I was about to faint. I've never felt that way meeting anyone."

jessie cast

So there you have it – Jessie will always live on through the memories and traditions Peyton holds oh so close to her heart.

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